Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend ride

Finally the snow had melted enough to ride down the road. Almost needed a paddle tire for all the sand..

Friday, October 5, 2012


Im at destination one, 7 days into the trip. Though only a week deep I've definitely learned a few things, heated gear is going to be a must. I rolled into Denver wearing every layer I had brought, between this and periodic shots of whiskey, things were bearable. Before leaving Golden I put a call in to my cousin at Big Twin Motorcycles. Done, heated vest, be there Monday, Thanks Kevin.

I made some stops around Denver just killing time and taking photos before dropping my stuff off at Laurens. The plan was to pick her up at nine from the airport. Two hours later i'm too drunk to drive. Upon meeting Laurens roommate she asks two questions "do you like hip hop?", "do you like Wu Tang?". That's a yes and yes, I can tell we're going to get along. Drinks continue then off to the university for Lady Wu Tang. I'm so disappointed to have not taken any pictures, it was amazing.

Anyway i'm gonna continue walking around Denver, cheers

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Absolutely Golden

So I rolled out of Steamboat Springs this morning. My days always end up starting late, wasted time makes afternoon riding quite pleasurable. Todays rainstorm however was not. Rain at high elevation mountain passes is fucking cold. A quick stop for shots of fire water and i'm back on the road.

Colorado is fully in fall. Riding through the canyons today full of all the beautiful fall colors, was bliss. The steady hum of the horizontally apposed boxer engine between my legs reminds me of a bush plane gliding above the tree line. The steady pur as you roll on the throttle and hold tight through the frost heave plagued roads of Colorado is unlike any other feeling.

Tomorrow I roll into Denver for who knows what fun adventures. It will be the first familiar face I've seen since Sunday and I can't wait to catch up and share stories. I've met plenty of new faces along the way from the "caravan" of auzzies to the town drunk who no one would give any time, each one a different unique experience.

Now, to find a camp site. I feel like throwing it down on the camp cooking tonight. Cheers to whoever reads this...

Monday, October 1, 2012


So yesterday I parted ways with my brother. He was nice enough to join along on the first few days of the journey. Sunday afternoon we finished off the remainder of the Old Grand-dad whiskey on the side of the road and said goodbye. I'm not gonna lie, I miss the company.

Spent the day riding through the flaming gorge. I took a dirt turn off to an amazing overlook and stopped for a picture. An older guy on a newer Gs pulled up next to me ( guess I wasn't the only one who enjoyed the view). We talked about or trips thus far and about cycling, it was nice. He was from long island and had been on the road twelve days. It was kind of humorous the age gap of rider and machine.

The rider and I split up but ended up seeing each other a few more times. I clocked a few more miles and stopped to drink a beer and read for a while. Fear and Loathing seems to be a rather appropriate book and a few minutes is now an hour. I'm taking today easy. Time to find a liquor store and a place to camp.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Road trip beginnings.

Day three on the road and life couldn't be better. A steady intake of shots of whiskey and cliff bars is a travelers diet. The visor of my helmet is a colorful collage of insects who gave their life to my journey.

Each stop has brought another airhead lover out of the woods. When you travel on a vintage bike it invites questions, and looks. People are interested to hear your adventure.

Right now a shower sounds nice...

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Recent additions

So I swear I plan on finishing this thing soon. The old carbs were not up to snuff and now the bike has been fitted with Mikuni VM34 carbs sourced off a Polaris snowmobile. I rejetted the carbs completely to work with the H1 all the way down to the float assembly. The heavy brass slides make these things just snap shut. Lastly the cylinders would not except rubber mount flanges that were required for these carbs. Aluminum plate was cut, filed, drilled, welded, cut and sandblasted to get a good port match between the 34mm carbs and the stock intake ports. I also had to remove part of a fin off each cylinder to clear the rubber flanges fully.

More to come soon, Dustens bike is pretty much done we really need to get some pictures up here to show that thing. There is some really trick shit going on making it like no other RD I've ever seen.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bottoms Up.

A little progress to show, I figured an update was in order. Finding time to write wasn't an issue. Hell, I've got all the time in the world. A recent snowboard accident has left me with a semi blown up knee and on crutches. Temporary workshop residence has been taken up in my living room on my coffee table, where I managed to get the bottom end together.

My buddy Alex running down the last of the hardware. Alex has been a huge help through all my projects. From lending tools to providing helpful mechanic insight he's been there, the dude knows his stuff..
Looking forward to summer